CERN Officially Back Online

The Large Hadron Collider is finally back up and running after a two-year update required the massive collider to take a serious break that lasted much longer than anticipated.
Large Hadron Collider


The Large Hadron Collider is officially back online. While it has been down for the last two years being updated, researchers from Europe had hoped that they would be able to get the device running for another operation a few weeks ago – but that ultimately ended in needing to be tweaked further. The issues seem to be popping up more frequently, as of late, as researchers look at the potential for items that could lead to the reoccurrence of the big bang. While scientists aren’t trying to duplicate the event in scale – they are trying to duplicate the event itself.

That’s where the massive mile-plus-long collider comes into play. The LHC is amongst the leaders in being able to perpetuate something that hasn’t ever been done with much effectiveness, as scientists and researchers only recently figured out how such a thing could be done. Perhaps though one of the most interesting finds from doing more tests with this collider would be the ability to learn more about dark matter. Which is said to play a significant role in the universe. However, little is currently understood about it.


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